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All the garden waste we collect through our garden waste collection service is used to produce top quality compost.


We also recycle used wood for the construction of garden furniture, planters, firewood and wood chipping for mulch.

Garden Waste

Collection Bag
5.00 GBP

1 x Garden Waste Collection Bag.

Re-useable and very strong, they will last for years.

120 litre, polypropylene, re-usable green garden waste bags for the collection of your green garden waste only. You will also need to by the tickets below to use these for collection.

Garden Waste


Collection Tags
20.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

10 x Garden Waste Collection Tags

For collection of your green waste only.
Sold in batches of 10, one to be attached to each bag of green garden waste to be collected.

Put all your organic garden waste into one of these bags and leave by your front curb on the collection day for your area.

Garden Waste


Sieved Bag
4.00 GBP

1 x Compost Sieved Bag.

Sieved, finished compost for seed sowing and growing.

Can be used as the base of soil-based growing mediums.



Un-sieved Bag
4.00 GBP

1 x Compost Un-sieved Bag.

Coarse un-sieved compost for use as a soil improver and over wintering mulch on gardens and borders.


Wood Product

Chipping Bag
4.00 GBP

1 x Wood Product Chipping Bag.

Chipped branches for use on paths and walkways. Or use to cover your soil for mulching.

Mulching keeps the weeds down and also helps retain moister in the soil. It can also make your borders look a little tidier.

Wood Product


Fire Lighting Stick Bag
2.50 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

1 x Wood Product Fire Lighting Stick Bag.

These Fire Lighting Sticks are made of recycled pinewood, from used pallets.

The wood is very dry but still contains lots of resin so is ideal for kindling open fires and starting Bar-B-Ques.

Wood Product


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