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Go Green Devon - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
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Plants for Sale

To buy our plants, use our shop on eBay by clicking below:



We have a wide selection of planting ranging from house plants to garden plants plus vegetables for the allotment or greenhouse.


Please bear in mind that not all plants are available all year round as of course different plants appear at different times in the seasons.


If you need help deciding, please feel free to ask your questions using our Contact Us page.


Most of all, happy gardening!

Some of the plants we sell 

Spring Plants

(Argyranthemum Aramis)

Autumnpan Plants

(Pansy Matrix Midnight Glow)

Alpine Plants

(Phlox Sub Emerald Cushion)

Perennial Plants

(Senetti Magenta Bicolour)


(Aubergine Moneymaker)


(Aubergine Moneymaker)


We have years of gardening and planting experience.  Don't hesitate to ask questions:


01626 853 558



Or use our Contact Us page.

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