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Gardening Services

Much of gardening can be very hard and demanding work. We provide regular garden maintenance as well as larger clearance work. This allows you the time and effort to spend on the smaller and easier jobs.


Tree work and fencing are also available.


Most work is undertaken so feel free to use our Contact Us page and ask any questions.


Many of our clients use us while they are away so their gardens do not get out of hand. Or we can simply do the harder work such as hedge trimming, moving the lawn and pruning. This leaves them with the more pleasant work such as planting.


Use our Contact Us page and ask any questions.


It may be that you have just moved into a new home and the garden hasn't been touched in a long time, or you just didn't get the time to keep it in check - gardens never stop growing!


We can do all the hard work of getting it cleared back to a level where you feel you can take over again and cope with its maintenance.


Use our Contact Us page to ask any questions.


We have years of gardening and planting experience.  Don't hesitate to ask questions:


01626 853 558


Or use our Contact Us page.

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