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Advertise on the side of our vehicles with a 15 x 20 board made to your own requirements.  The vehicles travel throughout Teignbridge and Torbay and this is a very effective and cost efficient form of advertising for Local business and services.


The boards, made by Lazerpics, cost £15.00 and our cost is £10.00 per month.

A small additional cost may apply if artwork is required to be made up by Lazerpics.  If you require more information on this, use the Contact Us page.

Advertise Your Business in the Teignbridge & Torbay Area 

Vehicle Sides

Advertising on our Vehicle Side.

£15 for artwork plus £10 per month.

How many months?


We have years of gardening and planting experience.  Don't hesitate to ask questions:


01626 853 558


Or use our Contact Us page.

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